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Invest in the crypto market

Invest like a robot, not a human

Choosing which cryptos to buy and sell that might go to the moon is like stock picking or gambling. Since most discretionary traders and hedge funds can't beat the market and eventually blow up, why not let AI-powered robots invest for you instead?

Automated investing

Set it and forget it

Manually trading and rebalancing your crypto portfolio takes time. Ain't nobody got time for that. Instead, subscribe to a smart crypto investment strategy of your choice and watch it perform.

Smart beta crypto indices

Leverage Wall Street's quant and index strategies for cryptos

Quant strategies and index strategies are popular among traditional asset managers. By combining passive index investing with quantitative portfolio management, you can get a better fitting risk-return profile than simply HODLing

Quant strategies

The crypto market is open 24/7, which means there are a lot of opportunities to make or break your investments. Leverage the power of artifical intelligence and machine learning to help maximize your returns while minimizing your risk intelligently and automatically.

ETH Vol Switching performance

Index strategies

Investing in the crypto market in a smart way can be challenging with so many cryptos to choose from and new ones popping up all the time. Invest in passive index and smart beta strategies to gain a broad exposure to the crypto market so you can avoid the fear of missing out and have your investments grow with the market efficiently.

Large Cap Efficient Returns performance

How to get started

1. Sign up with SmartHODL

After you sign up and confirm your account via email, you'll have access to the SmartHODL dashboard. Click here to get started!

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2. Connect your Binance account to SmartHODL

Before you can subscribe to any SmartHODL strategy, you need to connect your Binance account to SmartHODL. Get started by creating Binance API keys in your Binance account. Once you've done that, copy-and-paste them into your SmartHODL profile.

3. Subscribe to a SmartHODL strategy

You're now ready to subscribe to a SmartHODL strategy! Be aware that SmartHODL only works if your Binance account has at least $1000 worth of assets. Head on over to your dashboard to subscribe to your first strategy.

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4. Watch your portfolio's performance

Now that you've subscribed to a strategy, your portfolio dashboard will start populating with informative performance analytics so you can keep a close eye on your account whenever you want.

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