Hassle-free crypto investing that's 100% automated

Invest in the crypto market


Build, backtest, and deploy your very own strategic asset allocations that rebalance automatically.

Automated investing


Subscribe to one of many automated SmartHODL quant strategies that capture alpha by leveraging AI.

Create your own investment strategies without writing code

Quickly build and backtest any strategic asset allocation you can think of. No technical skills required.

  • Build your first strategy in minutes
  • In-depth backtest results

Subscribe to automated investment strategies

Easily subscribe to an investment strategy of your choice. One you've built or one by SmartHODL.

  • Fully automated trades
  • Portfolio analytics dashboard

Investment strategies that outperform simple HODLing

Equally weighted BTC/ETH rebalancing

BTC:ETH 50:50 Quarterly Rebalance

Rebalancing is the easiest way to increase the value of your portfolio over time. If you're a crypto investor with a strategically targeted allocation, automated rebalancing is a must have.

SmartHODL's ETH AI Limit Loss

Leveraging quant models when trading day-to-day can seriously help minimize downside risk while letting winning trades ride. If you're a crypto trader looking for automated, model-driven quant strategies, look no further.

SmartHODL ETH AI Limit Loss

Get started

1. Sign up with SmartHODL

After you sign up and confirm your account via email, you'll have access to the SmartHODL dashboard. Click here to get started!

SmartHODL signup
SmartHODL profile

2. Connect your Binance account to SmartHODL

Before you can subscribe to any SmartHODL strategy, you need to connect your Binance account to SmartHODL. Get started by creating Binance API keys in your Binance account. Once you've done that, copy-and-paste them into your SmartHODL profile.

3. Subscribe to a SmartHODL strategy

You're now ready to subscribe to a SmartHODL strategy! Be aware that SmartHODL only works if your Binance account has at least $1000 worth of assets. Head on over to your dashboard to subscribe to your first strategy.

SmartHODL subscriptions
SmartHODL portfolio

4. Watch your portfolio's performance

Now that you've subscribed to a strategy, your portfolio dashboard will start populating with informative performance analytics so you can keep a close eye on your account whenever you want.

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